Jobs & Economy

Bobby Mills understands what it takes for businesses to grow and prosper. The first step to get businesses hiring again is to get the government out of the way. In Raleigh, Bobby will support Onslow County’s business community and work to cut back on burdensome regulations. He will stay true to our conservative principles by supporting lower corporate taxes and pro-business legislation.

Bobby knows small businesses are our state’s foundation and we need them to prosper for our economy to rebound.

Taxes & Spending

As our conservative voice in Raleigh, Bobby Mills will never support a tax increase on hard working families. Bobby believes the more money families keep, the better. Taxpayers know how to spend their money better than the government does. Bobby will support conservative legislation that helps reduce our individual tax burden.

Bobby Mills understands families are struggling to balance their checkbooks every month. If the taxpayer should have to, then so should the government. The answer to our budget problems is not more taxes. The answer is less spending and Bobby will support this conservative approach to North Carolina’s budget.


Bobby Mills supports our teachers and the hard work they do preparing our children for college and life. As our Representative, Bobby will continue to support them and vote for legislation that funds the classroom and not the bureaucracy. He believes money is better spent when it goes directly to the classroom so our teachers are best equipped to educate our children.

Additionally, Bobby supports school choice including home schooling and charter schools. He believes parents and the student know which environment best suits their learning style and the money should follow the student.


North Carolina’s infrastructure was once the best in the southeast. Today, it’s a different story. Bobby Mills believes North Carolina needs to heavily invest in our roads and bridges to ensure families are safe when traveling. This is one of our state’s most basic responsibilities and as our conservative voice in Raleigh, Bobby will fight for better infrastructure.


As a conservative, Bobby Mills does not support government run healthcare. Instead, Bobby believes the free market works best and people should be free to choose a plan that works best for them and their family.

Bobby supports allowing people to use their pretax income to purchase their health plans and he supports “flexible benefits” which allows individuals and families to select health coverage that best fits their needs.

Illegal Immigration

Bobby Mills does not support illegal immigration. Bobby believes there is a process in which immigrants must follow in order to enter our country. This process ensures we know who is here and helps protect our citizens. He supports tougher illegal immigration laws and stronger border security. He opposes allowing illegal immigrants to use our government programs such as Medicaid and food stamps. As our Representative, Bobby will fight for tough immigration laws in North Carolina.

Conservative Values

Bobby Mills is 100% pro-life. Bobby believes every life is precious and he will fight to protect it in Raleigh. Bobby is also pro-traditional marriage and believes this sacred union is for one man and one woman. He is also pro-guns and strongly supports our second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

Bobby believes our nation’s greatest asset is the individual and in order to get our state moving forward, we have to empower the individual. To him, government is not the solution; it’s the problem. Bobby will fight every day for more individual freedoms and less government intrusion.


Bobby Mills supports our veterans and has a deep respect for those who put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. For years, Bobby has worked hard to recruit good jobs to Onslow County for our brave men and women. As our Representative in Raleigh, he will continue to honor our soldiers and fight for them in the General Assembly.